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Save Money In Your Home In 2016

Whether you live in a mansion or a condo, homes consume a ton of expensive energy – whether in the form of electricity, water or gas. The good news? You can lower these bills, freeing up cash for all kinds of other pursuits such as that new kitchen reno you’ve been dreaming of or even a vacation far from home. Collectively these tiny changes can add up to huge savings. Try a few or all to reap the benefits of a fatter bank account in 2016 – and beyond.

Get An Energy Audit

Many local utility companies offer energy audits (often for free), where experts assess your home’s energy consumption patterns looking for improvement areas where you could cut back on guzzling electricity, gas, or water (and also lower your utility bills). Auditors may do this remotely by pouring through your records, or they visit your home to examine everything from its windows to duct work to shower heads – saving you as much as 30%.

Adjust Your Water Heater

Most people set their water heaters on high. The amount of energy needed to keep gallons of water at scalding for no reason? A lot. Lowering it by just 10 degrees Fahrenheit will save you from 3% to 5% on your heating costs. Or get a tankless heater.

Swap Your Lightbulbs

Switching to low-energy lightbulbs is a quick and easy way to reduce lighting costs. A 60-watt bulb will save between $30 and $80 over its lifetime. The average household has 50 bulbs, so that’s a minimum $1,500 in savings!

Kill Your Home’s Energy Vampires

Those little lights all over your house that indicate printers and chargers are on but not in use? They’re “energy vampires” sucking dollars out of your wallet, an average of $165 a year for a typical household. Unplug these items before bed, which will save you as much as 10% on your energy bill. You can also buy power cords that will turn off equipment when it senses they’re not in use.

Wash Your Clothes This Way

Switch to cold water washes. Yes, your clothes will still get clean, some stains come out more readily in cold water and you’ll save about $60 a year. As dryers account for 12% of energy in an average household, consider line-drying clothes in nice weather to save you almost $200 per year. Or, if you do use a dryer, clean your vent, which will reduce energy costs by $9 to $12 per month.